Saturday, October 5, 2013

What God's Given YOU

Tonight I was practicing the piano for a special I'm playing in church tomorrow. I worked on the song, and I felt pretty good about how it sounded.

Until I stopped playing.

In some other practice room, someone was playing something that sounded incredibly hard (it actually may have been a duet ... I don't know how one person could do all that!). And I suddenly felt inferior.

The truth? That other song had burst my little bubble of pride.

I felt sorry for myself. I guess the way I play isn't very special compared to that. 

But then I started playing again. I began to see how wonderful, how amazing it was that I could play the piano to my skill level. The ability to play the piano at all is a blessing in my life.

And I don't have to compare my blessings with anyone else's.

Don't waste time envying the blessings of others. Thank God daily for those He's given you.

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