Tuesday, July 5, 2016


From our vantage point on the earth, life seems like a good old West Virginia backroad--full of switchbacks we can't see around. Sometimes we wonder if we'll make it around the next bend, and the turn may be so sharp that we have no idea what is around the bend.

This summer my life has taken another turn that I didn't expect at all even a year ago. And again, like many WV roads, the view beyond the bend is stunning.

The past six summers I've been work staff or cook at a Baptist camp near my home. This summer, I'm an adventure guide in West Virginia. I'm training as a whitewater rafting guide, and I'm helping facilitate rappelling, caving, high ropes, etc. All with a focus on using adventure to teach about God.

I expected stress this summer. Some moments are that way.

I expected responsibility. Yep. It's here.

I expected to like it once I got used to it. And I do.

More than I expected.

I've learned so much these last few weeks. My brain is bursting with knots, whitewater routes, cave landmarks, rescue methods, and more. I want to share it all, but honestly I think it would be kind of boring to people who aren't here in the middle of it.

More than anything, I just want to praise God for how good He is. I see His power all around me in the New River Gorge as I see the massive beauty He created. I remember it when I hear caving guests singing praises that echo off the cave walls. I rejoice in His goodness when all goes well, and I rely on Him for my sufficiency when I don't feel like I'm enough.

And I'm so thankful that He let me turn this corner and enter this incredible adventure.