Monday, December 23, 2013

I Have To

I have to keep up with all my friends. Practice piano. Harp. Write on my blog. Write a book. Get straight A's. Know my life plans.

Do you have a similar list? The things you have to do to be good enough?

Honestly, I struggle with these goals over breaks from school. While I'm at college I have plenty to keep my busy, but when I come home I fight a strange war with the time on my hands. I want to rest from the semester, but I don't feel valuable when I'm not accomplishing things.

The truth of the matter? God loves me as His child, not for my accomplishments.

Why do I think everything else matters?

Perhaps the greater problem is not with what I'm doing or not doing, but where I'm focusing. So far, this break has been about me. Getting my rest so I can do second semester. Organizing my schedule. And even worrying about my goals.

It's time to focus on God. Especially now at Christmas. Whenever Christ was really born, He came!! It's time for me to remember how He came. And why.

I have to move past the lists of requirements I "have to" reach to matter.

And I need to come to a place of overflowing praise.