Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing Else

What do you spend your days thinking about?

I was challenged about this last week when the leader of my small group Bible study talked about Jesus being our everything. The gist of what she said is why would we want to do anything but serve Him? Why would we think about or talk about anything else?

That struck a chord in me. I knew what I'd been thinking about lately. I'd been worrying about making friends. About how I look. About getting through the semester. I'd been spending my free time reading or social networking.

My friend was right. Why would I want to think about anyone or anything else? He died for me in spite of my sin.

So I made a challenge for myself this week. I chose three things that had been taking up a lot of my time and brain power, and set rules for myself. I won't go into details, because they really aren't important. I'll just say that I'm near the end of my week, and I've done pretty well keeping my resolutions.

Most importantly, I feel like it's working. My focus is slowly shifting. I want my Savior more.

There are still tons of distractions here. But it's changing. I'm getting closer to where I want to be ...

So what about you? Anything you need to take out of your life for a while or change so you can focus more on the Lord? Care to share?