Thursday, March 28, 2013

Forced to Think

Want to know one of the best things about college? It's this: you're forced to think (at least a little bit).

At home, it's pretty easy for me to read a passage of Scripture and then lay it aside without trying to understand what it means. But you can't do that when you're taking a Bible study exam and you have to explain how a passage relates to its context.

In my regular life, it's easy to glide over the issue of the role of women in the church. I just coast along, believing what my parents and church believe. But when I'm having to write a paper about it, I have to see what the Bible really says.

And while I've heard the Beatitudes for seemingly forever ... I don't know if I've ever had to think about them as hard as I had to in Christology class the other day.

So while college can be a bit stressful and crazy (things are getting better, though), it has its perks.

Thinking about things is worth it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Survival Skills

"Spring Break" in college is not what I had imagined. Rather than being a chance to sit back and relax, it was more like a sneak attack on my college adjusted-ness.

Let me explain this. I went home for break and was happy to see my family, friends, and church again. But I missed all my college friends, and I was also like, "Seriously? I have all this homework I should be doing during my break?" So I got through the week, got some stuff done, and then was sent back to college right about the time I was getting used to being home again.

When I got back to college, the problems continued. A sudden lethargy decended. Break was a reminder that there is life outside of the college campus ... and I kind of like that life. So I got a bit sluggish with my homework, until ...

BAM! The homework struck. See, if you don't keep an eye on that stuff, it sneaks up on you and tries to drive you over the brink of sanity.

So, to jump ahead a little bit, here I sit at my computer. I'm still a bit behind, and I have two more group projects due on Tuesday. But I'm feeling like I'm used to college again, and I will indeed survive until the end of the semester.

That being said, I return to the title of this post. Survival skills. I'm pretty sure a lot of the art of getting through college (and life) has to do with two things: keeping your eyes on Jesus, and (with His help) keeping your head above water.

I don't know how much sense that made, but I've gotta run ... keeping your head above water takes a lot of work sometimes ...