Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time Management 101

I'm happy to report that this semester is getting under control. Finally!

Lately it's been especially difficult to spend time writing due to the amount of homework I've been doing. Today, however, I find myself at the place where I've ...

A. gotten done a good amount of work today
B. spent time with friends and
C. worked on revisions of my manuscript.

How did this work? And how can I keep it working for me?

God's help.

I tend to schedule my days, then not live up to the plan. Yesterday was the first step in breaking that cycle. I had a lot of things to do, and I woke up praying that God would help me actually live out my goals for the day. I got a lot done and was pleased. I've also been trying to remember to pray before studying, or when I'm struggling with studying, that God would help me focus and be effective.

I still don't know much about time management, but I think I've figured one thing out: I don't have it figured out.

Only God can help me be successful.

So my job is to do the work ... and ask for His help.

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