Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When God Steps In

I'm back at college, folks! And you know what? I'm so happy to be here! Praise the Lord!

Today was a rather hectic day of orientation. Apparently, students who come in spring semester don't get as long for orientation, and are thus sent scurrying from meeting to meeting. I enjoyed the day, though.

The only part of this process that had me a little antsy was registering for classes. I'm working on a 1-year Bible certificate, so I needed to figure out how to divide my classes between the semesters. I chose to make this the heavier semester of the two, and I signed myself up for 16 hours.

I didn't feel right about that. I was thinking, I didn't even make it through last semester. Why would I start with the harder semester?

So I called my dad. He was concerned that if I didn't take the course I wanted to drop, I'd have a very busy next semester. It was looking like I'd try for the 16 hours when my call waiting went off. I told my dad I'd get back to him and answered the incoming call.

It was the registrar.

She told me that I actually didn't need to take the class I had wanted to drop! I was so excited! The timing of her call was perfect.

Sometimes it's hard to see God working in our lives, but sometimes He clearly steps in and shows us the way.

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  1. I was praying especially for you this evening (had a bit of driving and no I didn't close my eyes). Thanks for writing - this was encouraging for me to read tonight.