Thursday, January 1, 2015


I've noticed something about my generation, and about myself. We like questions. We don't prefer to accept what everyone else says and does. We'd rather evaluate things for ourselves. It's a good thing, really.

But are we truly looking for answers, or are we merely enchanted with the questions?

Here's the truth: God's Word has answers for our questions, if we're willing to search.

I'm not saying the Bible lays everything out, black and white. What I'm wondering here is if sometimes my generation takes the first step of asking a question, but doesn't actually seek an answer.

I confess, sadly, that I know I do this.

It's easy for me to wonder about whether a certain choice is right or wrong. It's harder to search the Bible.

It's easier for me to question God when life gets difficult than for me to trust what He says about Himself in His Word.

Again, I'm not saying we're able to understand everything about life and about God. All I'm suggesting is that we follow up our questions with prayer and Bible study. Allow God's Word to show us the truth, rather than settling for unneccesary ambiguity that is sometimes an excuse for us to do whatever we want.

This year, I want to take steps toward finding answers.

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