Friday, August 29, 2014

My Take on Pursuing Writing: Part 2

Last Thursday I talked a little about one of the first steps I believe a person should take towards writing. Click here to read my article about, well, reading.

Today we're talking about my second recommended step, which is probably the one a lot of you think about when you dream of writing a book.

Part Two: Write

Yes. Simple as that. Write. Here are a few quick suggestions for writing your book in a way that won't drive you crazy later.

Write: Good Grammar

As much as you may or may not love the study of English, a basic knowledge of spelling and grammar will make your life a lot easier. I don't recommend trying to write perfectly on your first draft, but do yourself a favor and don't ignore your grammar entirely.

Write: A Good Plotline

Your book won't be perfect on the first draft, but it will be better if you've done some reading and have a good plot developed. If you let your plotting go unattended, your book might end up a mess that you can't fix later. I think of it like a bridge. You want your plot to soar over the waters of ... um ... boring-ness. But if you let it sag on the first draft, you may never be able to restructure it well enough so that it will support your readers. Yeah. I think I can at least pretend that was a good analogy....

So that's that!

Write your book! Do it well the first time, but be prepared: no first draft is a finished product. Next week we'll talk about the third step of writing: Revising! 

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